Take It With You Anywhere

This is the only portable umbrella table around. Designed with features that solve all your picnic and tailgate problems. Forget trying to balance a plate of food in your lap, battling cup holders that are too small, and baking in the sun while trying to eat and relax. The Travel Table from SHFT Outdoors easily sets up and breaks down in minutes to give you the comforts of home.

Time spent gathered around a table with family and friends is universal to building connections with each other and making lasting memories, it shouldn’t be interrupted by any inconveniences of picnic style revelry. With the Travel Table’s large umbrella, sturdy tabletop, six large cup holders and anchored base, you can stay focused on catching up with each other and enjoying your adventure.

  • The Umbrella opens and screws securely into place

  • The Tension Knob easily adjusts the table top tension for a sturdy surface

  • 6 Extra Large Cupholders!