The WORLD'S first and only portable umbrella table! Designed with features that solve all your picnic, beach and tailgating problems. Forget trying to balance a plate of food in your lap, battling cup holders that are too small, and baking in the sun while trying to eat and relax. The Travel Table from SHFT Outdoors easily sets up and breaks down in minutes to give you the comforts of home.

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SHFT Outdoors designs versatile and agile on the go furniture that shifts with your lifestyle without sacrificing on comfort. THE BUNGEE CHAIR is exactly that! Our chair provides no-distraction, top-tier ergonomic comfort for supporters on the sidelines, weekend warriors, tailgaters and those who seek to maximize time spent anywhere their adventures take them.


Innovative Comfort

Our Bungee Chair’s ergonomic design provides a one-size-fits-all seat for your family and friends. The bungee cables create a personalized support system with a static weight limit of 300lbs , cradling your frame with the perfect amount of give. The powder-coated frame is built so you can get in and out of the chair with ease and the air mesh padding takes comfort to another level you may even fall asleep.

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Bagless Portability

Packing up is the least enjoyable part of any outdoor experience. Our chair frees you from the added struggle. No more time spent fitting your chair back into a bag that’s prone to dirt and mold and never seems to fit correctly. With the Bungee Chair, you simply fold, snap, grab the strap and go.

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SHFT Outdoors proudly brings you The World of Tommy Bahama.

It’s a place without deadlines and to reconnect with simple pleasures. We call this LIVING THE ISLAND LIFE and Tommy Bahama offers you the opportunity to transport yourself to relaxation and tranquility – whether you find yourself lounging on the beach, golfing in the desert, or just enjoying the peace of your own home. EXPERIENCE the island life at its finest.



AT SHFT Outdoors we only want to bring you the best brands and RIO Beach is it!!

Since 1947 Rio has been providing quality and innovation in design and comfort not found anywhere else!

Capture the Spirit of making memories with Rio Beach


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