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The Travel Table

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Pre-Order Sale! Get the world's first portable table and umbrella at 35% off expected retail for $189.99!  Limited time through December 31! Spring Delivery. 

The Most Convenient Portable Umbrella Table Available 

Pre-order the all-in-one solution to your outdoor needs: The Travel Table. It’s the best option on the market and everything you need comes in one easy-to-carry bag: spacious umbrella, sturdy tabletop, large cup holders, 6 tent spikes for grass setting, 4 Anchor bags  and our "Anchor Mat" for the beach.

There is a place for everyone at this six-sided table so everyone can comfortable gather around to enjoy each other’s company over a picnic style meal or a spread of delicious snacks. The patent pending swivel arm allows the umbrella to rotate 360 degrees to always provide shade at any time of day!

Build camaraderie while being the envy of everyone at your next tailgate, beach party, backyard BBQ or outdoor sporting event with the #1 portable umbrella table to hit the market.